Easy Online Storage Rentals in Granbury

Our website allows renters to make a reservation in minutes, with no need to drive out here to complete the process.
In fact, you can move in on the same day!

Storage Units Near You

Our amazing location by Lake Granbury, just southwest of Fort Worth in Granbury, offers a highly convenient self-storage solution to movers from a variety of surrounding communities. Whether you need to store household appliances, commercial vans, or business supplies, we can help you do that. Look for our facility on the west side of Weatherford Highway, next to the most notable courthouse square in Texas, the Historic Granbury Square.

Storage Units in Granbury, Texas

Do you agree that the only good bugs are dead bugs?! Then you are sure to love our climate-controlled storage units. With climate control, we can take preemptive measures to guarantee that pesky insects have zero access to your belongings. By the way, you should always do thorough research when looking for a self-storage solution, as some facilities advertise the use of temperature control, which is not the same.
In addition to equipping our storage units with stable temperatures throughout the year, our climate control feature regulates humidity as well. The building is easy to access and our storage team is extremely helpful and easy to work with. With contactless rentals, you will be able to reserve a unit, pay your rent, and submit maintenance requests at any time of the day – all without having to come into the office!